Welcome to the website of the Western Alliance



The Western Alliance Conference website is where you can make connections with planetariums  west of the Mississippi. The WAC covers more than 20 states.

 The Western Alliance Conference is a gathering of planetarium professionals from multiple regions across the western half of the United States of America. The regional groups have their annual meeting during the conference. Vendors and Delegates from around the globe are encouraged to participate in this exciting conference.

Affectionately referred to as "The WAC" (pronounced whack), this conference is an excellent opportunity for fellow planetarians to share information about their experiences, and to explore new and impressive educational and visualization technologies offered for our unique industry. The planetarium industry is evolving with the changes in display technology and other tools, as well as a wider range of science disciplines now accessible and appropriate for our audiences and venues. The WAC is a great place to keeping up with the changes, and gives you the opportunity to get to know the products, and the people of our industry.

Also: if you are looking for the old site, it is still here