Vendor Resources

Vendor sponsorship is an integral part of making the Western Alliance Conference a success. By providing sponsorship, we are able to keep the conference registrations low and provide a quality experience for the conference attendees, as well as for the vendors themselves of course.

Below we have the sponsorship possibilities for the WAC-2014 conference in Arlington TX. Please note, that next to the "standard" sponsorship levels, a vendor can also reserve separate dome time. This way, vendors have a little more control over whether to put the money in a table/booth or towards showing content. Additionally, by creating this structure, we are hoping to attract more dome-content and provide vendors some more control of when their content is shown.

Registering as a sponsor you can simply fill out the registration form below, or by contacting the Conference Host.

If you have any questions regarding the levels, please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Host (Levent Gurdimir) either directly or through the contact form on this website.  


Vendor Sponsorship Table


Vendor Registration Form

 ** Online Registration is now Closed **


Onsite registration is still available however, daily registration is open at the planetarium offices:

700 Planetarium Place
Arlington, TX 76019

Office: 817-272 1183


If you are arriving by car, you need to get a parking tag at the time of the registration and will be given directions to the lots that you can park. You may pull your car in front of the Planetarium for a short amount of time to get your registration done and get your parking permit. The permit does not valid at the parking garage.