WAC 2014 Conference Sponsors

Welcome to the Conference Sponsors page!

Curious about what sponsors are bringing to the conference? What cool gifts are available or new products? Maybe a really cool planetarium show you just gotta see! Please read through the sections below about why you should be stopping by the booth of the sponsor and what they have planned to make this WAC special.


Cosmic Contributors

   Sky Skan
   E&S Logo

Galactic Benefactors

       Spitz Logo
       Seiler Instrument

Binary Supporters

 Goto  Digitalis

Come to our booth to claim your prize! 
You're always a winner with AVI.



Stellar Providers

Clark Planetarium
Prismagic Magic Starlight Express
ePlanetarium   California Academy of Sciences
Ash Enterprises  


Geographic Imaging



Come see


debut of

F i r e f a l l 

in it's entirety!

Geographics Imaging, Firefall

Protostar Sponsors

Conica Minolta   Bowen Technovation

Planetary Sponsors

 Rocket Academy

Lunar Sponsors

Laser Fantasy